How to Download Instagram Videos Without any Apps

Instagram is one of the applications that focuses on sharing activities on social media, either in the form of videos or even unique and interesting photos. Both videos and photos can be a way of make-up, sharing food recipes. Well, maybe some of you are also interested in videos from other people, you can download Instagram videos without other applications .


It is also possible that many of you think that downloading videos on Instagram definitely needs help from third parties, lehnbecause it kalia sering do storage on the video page. However, now you can download videos that you think are interesting to spread back to other social media that you have.


Here Are Various Links That Can Be Used To Download Video Instagram

Take Advantage of Site Links From Downloadgram

Downloading Instagram videos without third-party applications the first is to take advantage of the link sites of the downloadgram available in your browser. For the first step, you have to open Instagram and touch the three-dot image. If so, enter the downloadgram link and paste it, then click download at the bottom

Take Advantage of Site Links

The first step is to open Instagram and click on the video that you willhave uploaded. Then press the button with the image of the three dots at the top right, if you have clicked on the link and open the link and select the in the menu section of the main screen, enter the video link section and paste if you haveuploaded the video.

Take Advantage of Site Links

Download Instagram videos without third-party applications next by utilizing links from in the browser.  You have to download the interesting video link that youwant to use on Instagram so that you can paste it on Insta later, if you have entered instadownloader you have to copy on the Instagram put link here to be downloaded.

Take Advantage of Dredown Site Links

Another link is to use dredown. You cancopy the video link on Instagram to copy the link, then access dredown and continue by clicking the Instagram post. In the top column, paste the link and wait a moment, it will automatically appear several link options along with the MP4 format in a column with green color and run automatically.

Take Advantage of Igram.Io Site Links

Well, the last Instagram video download link without a third-party application is by, here you can download when the video link on Instagram sudah you copy. If so, access the and enter the Insert Instagram link here and download the video with a choice of mp4 format so that you can download it still in the video.

Well, those are some links to download Instagram videos without third-party  applications that you can use to enjoy the interesting videos you want. Some of the download links above are very easy for you to apply, especially not only applies to video downloads, you can also download photos with several links in atas.

Hopefully, information about the steps to download Instagram videos without third-party applications is very helpful for your problems, especially for those of you whose cellphones are already in full capacity mode. You no longer need an added application, just use the free links available in your browser then everything will be well controlled

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